Groom & Bride:
James & Christina


Proposal Day


Tajmasago, HCMC

Proposal Planning & Concept:
Confetti Vietnam Wedding Planner

TĐ Hải


“Ok, how to start, coz I am still thrilling and being messed with feeling, even 3 days from their proposal moment… 4 months ago, James came to us, coincidently, and we started planning then. Seting asside all neglect sense and not-even-being- acquainted to each other, things went faster than our normal process.

Let me share you part of the brief from James:

…“I first saw Christina in Feb 2006. We were from different universities and one day, she visited my university to see a friend – that’s the first time I saw her. I thought she was very pretty but to be honest I didn’t fall in love (at first sight). After I that, I met her a few more times through friends but we didn’t really have a chance to speak to each other. The first time we spoke in April 2006, and that’s when I realized how perfect we are for each other – we first spoke to each other on a Friday, and by the following Monday, I already decided to ask her out and she said yes. Not too sure how to describe the feeling on her. Before Christina, I had a few short relationships that didn’t work out. So by the time I met Christina, I was ready to settle down and start a “real” relationship. I just had the feeling she was the right girl. Christina is special because she understands me better than anyone else. I feel like I can tell her anything. We’ve been together so long that a lot of the times we even think the same way. Last year was a difficult time in our relationship. I started working at a job that has very long hours (80-100hrs a week). As a result I wasn’t able to spend as much with her as I used to. So a lot of the time, she’s alone. This was very difficult for her to adjust to. In the end we decided to only way for us to spend more time together was to move out together, as that way, we can at least see each other at night and in the morning. So we moved out together in April this year and have been living together for almost half a year now. Long journey we have been through, I cant imagine a life without Christina. And this is time, to tell her that.”…

We worked together secretly during those time. James was adorable. His big love and huge passion on Christina can make any hearts jumping and can melt any kind of ice. I cant never forget the way he put into everything, gave comments on the idea, added on personal touch into the flow, and cared on details, the details that touch Christina’s heart. Thats a great fortunation to work with James, who know exactly what he wants and what fits with Christina (coz I am sure that not many people can do that, esp understanding his/her partner inside out).

We crossed conversations, and uncountable email discussion on Venue, proposal flow, decoration stuffs.  Worked with James, i was fully into his nervousness, worriedness and excitement as well. And the more being into, the more i knew how much meaningfull and how much pressure James’s burdened on that day. Coz, the proposal moment on that day will start a new milestones in their deep love story and colourize a new adventures to tie the “sacred knot” btw them. Make it beautifully & perfectly indeed, by anymeans, I thought.

21st Dec, saw James directly the 1st time after 4 months, I could read the sparkle in his eyes, half waiting and half being nervous when the day’s come.

22nd Dec, setting up finished. James ran out notify a small change from Christina, showed me his hands with sweat. That’s really cute and lovely. Kept him waiting outside the balcony, while waiting for Christina.

I kept myself outside, behind the window, waching every of her move, heart was jumping… She’s got the right message, followed the right way. And 15minutes later, he ran out with thrilling face, raised her hand and cheer with me “Hey Xuan, i’ve got her. She said Yes”…. All joy blew out like firework… There was tears, sweat, smile, skinny spot, surprise, nervousness, happiness and extreme joyful moments. Nothing can compare with that mix of feeling. What a great day! Enjoy your trip in Vietnam. Nurture your beautiful love (and beautiful girl of course), together have more and more adventures, and reach the most happiest day soon (by the way, work less huh, time will fly too fast)

Congratulation James & Christina. Wish you a forever-beautiful love!

From Confetti with love”

There was tears, sweat, smile, skinny spot, surprise, nervousness, happiness and extreme joyful moments. Nothing can compare with that mix of feeling. What a great day! Enjoy your trip in Vietnam.