Groom & Bride:
Vu Quan Nguyen & Angélique Masse






Anamandara Hue, VietNam

Wedding Concept & Planning:
Confetti Vietnam Wedding Planner


Éclair Joli



Wedding webiste:

Nomad digital (


Our first meet was April 2013, nearly 1,5 year before the wedding day. Quan & Angelique is couple who lives in the moments, loves simple and solid accessories, likes playing with cool and colorful essentials. Gone through movements, they have found love from each other, sharing, respect and say the same voice, even across countries. Living to the fullest, for this very “now” moments is how they treat life, beloves and to each other.

All those essences would be, somehow, injected into their wedding day in VietNam (by the way, choosing VietNam is absolutely a risky choice, currently in fact of the weather and political things). A strong emphasis on line and form gives contemporary style and energy wedding. Hue is chosen to be the quiet and peaceful background to support a heavily joyful day: 21 Aug 2014.

If there is somewhere in the Earth, you can find a non-stop movement, straight line, abstract shapes mixing with floral design and extending forms, this is “Contemporary” world (reference from Quan & Angelique had the same voice, same page at same line on being crystal clear “what-they-want”. And that helps us a lot on starting planning, then jumping into details. Using navy blue & white as massive layer for the day, on top of that will be Glittery Gold who stands for “forever, long lasting and sparkling love”, Angelique has be minded on what guests can perceived when joining into their day, and, well, as you know, that’s perfect! Nothing is better than you know your wedding guests for well.

We have RAIN on that day. People usually assume that “Having rain in a wedding is sign of good luck”. Honestly, not everyone likes it! Feeling of mooding, irritating and humidity is not easy to bare. That led us to a big decision: Moving up the time of ceremony to 2PM, quite early to catch the sunset, but not yet early enough for the rain. Ultimately, it was raining, in the middle of the ceremony. Being highly awared and in the mood of accepting, the stage and off-stage was full, thought water from sky. Umbrellas, sacred steps, smile, hands, hugs, kisses, speech, bless… all’s around for the couple. Who can forget the kiss under the rain?? (even after watching Spiderman ^_^).

Time for relaxing and waiting for dinner reception. The gangs got crazy in pool, while the girls got so many other things to do. Quan’s wearing a glittery vest, while Angelique with a first-ever-before-simple wedding dress. Guests liberally suited in diversified styles. 3 hour gap gave chances for everyone to have an entirely new outlook, coincidently, blew a new breeze to next session of the day.

Dinner reception is kind of sophisticated neutral, monochromatic and tone-on-tone design with U-shape dinning tables, headly covered with Strings of Light-bulps, lighting up the whole night view. The mix btw Glittery, Stripped white & navy, contemporary furniture items: chandeliers, cool frames, woody stock… Everything, match and making one pieces: contemporary look for the party. In that garden, crazy things happened: “katy-peri dance, lip-sing-show, hiphop show, firework first dance, bridal bouquet tossing and so many more…

A night that wouldn’t sleep!

Like a modern life!

For a modern couple!

Talk about their wedding in France: En Juin 2013, nous avons partagé une première journée d’exception avec certains d’entre vous à Lyon. Voici quelques souvenirs en attendant la prochaine! Lors du Jour J, n’hésitez pas à prendre vos photos. Les possesseurs de smartphone pourront partager les photos de la journée via Instagram et/ou. Facebook en utilisant le hashtag #getluckygetmarried – ce qui permettra à tout le monde de retrouver ces photos par une simple recherche!


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